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Zimbabwe Unable to Continue Winning Parade in Tri Series

Zimbabwe had won the match against Australia and had made an upset in the last match of ODI played few days ago. Team Zimbabwe had shown the great play in that ODI in all the format of that game.

It would be great if Zimbabwe could had have been continued their confidently winning parade in South Africa match too. But, it will not happen. South Africa had scored 271 runs in the first inning of the match which is currently being played now.

In 25 overs Zimbabwe have scored 99 runs and have lost 4 big wickets which is not a good news any way  for Zimbabwean cricket fans, however Chigumbura and B. Taylor are on the crease and continuing the partnership slowly to chase the the mighty 271.

Chigumbura had many time in past few years shown his good games and have given chance to Zimbabweans to taste the win. Let's see what he does in today's match now after. Taylor is also a capable player who can play a good inning in the needy circumstances.

We hope Zimbabwean cricket shines over the time and become the stronger as they were almost a decade ago before the partitions and fighting of internal teams dispute.

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