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Zimbabwe Unable to Continue Winning Parade in Tri Series

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Zimbabwe had won the match against Australia and had made an upset in the last match of ODI played few days ago. Team Zimbabwe had shown the great play in that ODI in all the format of that game.

It would be great if Zimbabwe could had have been continued their confidently winning parade in South Africa match too. But, it will not happen. South Africa had scored 271 runs in the first inning of the match which is currently being played now.

In 25 overs Zimbabwe have scored 99 runs and have lost 4 big wickets which is not a good news any way  for Zimbabwean cricket fans, however Chigumbura and B. Taylor are on the crease and continuing the partnership slowly to chase the the mighty 271.

Chigumbura had many time in past few years shown his good games and have given chance to Zimbabweans to taste the win. Let's see what he does in today's match now after. Taylor is also a capable player who can play a good inning in the needy circumstances.

We hope Zimbabwean cricket shines over the time and become the stronger as they were almost a decade ago before the partitions and fighting of internal teams dispute.

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India is Heading Towards Series Win Against England in 2014 Series

After losing the test series, team India have shown the teamwork in the first 3 odi against England and have been tremendously great in all the field of the match. India have already won 2 matches from first 3 matches out of which first one was cancelled due to rain.
The 4th ODI has been currently going on and India is turning the match toward them. Team England have score 206 odd runs and India is chasing it fastly right now as both of the openers of Team India are showing their potential and also showing the great performance.
Right now India's score is 76/0 in 14.3 overs, Shikhar Dhavan and A. Rahane are on the crease and batting English bowlers literally. Team India had started very slowly in the beginning but later on started with the nice average.
We expect India is going to win the series with a white wash win against England with 4-0.
India will be winning this 4th ODI easily as only 129 runs are remaining right now, India will be winning the match easily as whole 10 wickets are in hand.
We wish team India all the best for the last ODI to test the English player the dish of white wash. :-)
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KKR vs CSK: Watch CLT20 Final Live Updates On clt20.com

Now its time for the final of the Champions of the world wide countries' different leagues of t20 cricket matches. From below you can catch CLT20 final live streaming online which is 100% fRee.

In past few days we have witnessed the ultimate fight of Champions in the upcoming CLT20 2014. Champions League 2014 was played in the different cities of India. Star Sports has streamed the live matches of CLT20 matches this time also. The happy nights with CLT20 came on end with this mighty final and we all enjoyed this sport a lot on www.starsports.com.

clt20 live streaming

CLT20's 2014 series is gonna come on end as the last match of Final will be played between two big names of CSK and KKR. KKR is going to bat first in the final as per the live updates.

CLT20 Final Live Updates 2014

Chennai vs Kolkata final match will be seen by millions across the world from channels of CLT20 live telecast 2014.

Watch its live telecast on : Star Sports 3 with Hindi commentary and on  Star Sports 1 with English commentary in Television.

Also Check : CSK vs KKR Final Full Score Board

20-20 matches are getting huge attention of the peoples across the globe as these matches are of only few hrs compared to the earlier formats of ODI and BIG test matches. Hence lots of people are going to enjoy the clt20 live streaming 2014 this time also.

To catch the live action, the alternate way is Crictime live server also.

After IPL, CLT20 is the highly wanted and loved cricket series and is also shown by cricket fans across the globe as CLT20 has various teams of different countries like Australia, Pakistan, West Indies, South Africa and Srilanka etc.
If you are viewing match from USA or UK then you can watch the game from espn.com

The much and more updates to watch CLT20 live streaming 2014 will be also updated in this article when the matches of CLT20 2014 will show their full colors.
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India Loses by 3 Runs in the Only T20 Against England

India faced the lose against England yesterday with just 3 runs. It was one of the very close encounter of cricket we have witnessed in past few months. India was looking confident in the last overs to win the game easily, but unluckily they couldn't.

india vs eng t20 dhoni in attacking mode

England team was able to win at last even Dhoni was on the crease but Dhoni's few mistake were supposed to be bear by whole team India and the fans across the globe as he didn't give strike to Rayudu and made him to stick on strike position to hit on strike but he failed miserable to hit the boundary on very last ball of the game.

This is game of cricket, any thing can happen at any moment in this game, every cricket fan will agree with this statement, however, if Dhoni had given strike to Rayudu in last over for two instances then there could have been a different scenario.

Jadeja was not supposed to be sent earlier also. If Rayudu would be there then he could have hit well on time and then Dhoni could have forwarded game to the win.

Team England did very well job with Bat and Team India also started good with bat as Kohli hit half century. But atlast India could not manage to convert the game in the win.

Now India will be meeting West Indies in the November for the cricket series.

Stay tuned with us for the updates of India vs West Indies live stream and score updates.
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