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India vs Pakistan Asia Cup T20 Full Score Card 27th Feb 2016, MoM, Interviews

Updates and details for the Full Score Card of India vs Pakistan Asia Cup T20 Match on 27th Feb 2016:

At last, the biggest cricket rivalry was live today earlier between the biggest cricket rivals, India and Pakistan. The match is said to be watched by 400 millions of people across the globe on TV and online.

However, if you missed the live watching of the India vs Pakistan t20 match then we recommend you to watch the highlights of the game as there were some moments in the second inning of the match when India came to chase 83, in the very first over of Amir, surely, the heart beats of Indian fans were shaking like a palm tree in Hurricane as he took two wickets with great inswingers.

However, India chased the 83 total as Kohli's 49 helped to make India win the match easily. Amir was the one who won millions of heart, Kohli himself praised for Amir.

virat kohli praising amir

India vs Pakistan Full Score Card 27th Feb 2016

India, decided to bowl
Man of the Match: V Kohli

Pak Inns 83 (17.3 ov)
Mohammad Hafeez
c MS Dhoni b A Nehra
Sharjeel Khan
c AM Rahane b JJ Bumrah
Khurram Manzoor
run out
Shoaib Malik
c MS Dhoni b HH Pandya
Umar Akmal
lbw b Yuvraj Singh
Sarfraz Ahmed [WK]
b RA Jadeja
Shahid Afridi [C]
run out
Wahab Riaz
lbw b RA Jadeja
Mohammad Sami
c SK Raina b HH Pandya
Mohammad Aamer
b HH Pandya
Mohammad Irfan
not out
Extras4 lb, 11 w
Total (10 wickets, 17.3 OVERS)83 Runs
Fall of Wickets: 1 - 4 (Mohammad Hafeez, 0.4 Ov ), 2 - 22(Sharjeel Khan, 3.3 Ov ), 3 - 32 (Khurram Manzoor, 5.5 Ov ),4 - 35 (Shoaib Malik, 6.6 Ov ), 5 - 35 (Umar Akmal, 7.1 Ov ), 6 - 42 (Shahid Afridi, 7.6 Ov ), 7 - 52 (Wahab Riaz, 11.4 Ov ), 8 - 70 (Sarfraz Ahmed, 15.1 Ov ), 9 - 83 (Mohammad Sami, 17.2 Ov ), 10 - 83 (Mohammad Aamer, 17.3 Ov )
India Bowling
A Nehra302012-
JJ Bumrah3281-
HH Pandya3.3083-
Yuvraj Singh20111-
RA Jadeja301122-
R Ashwin302101-
Go to Pak  Innings
Ind Inns 85-5 (15.3 ov)
RG Sharma
lbw b Mohammad Aamer
AM Rahane
lbw b Mohammad Aamer
V Kohli
lbw b Mohammad Sami
SK Raina
c Wahab Riaz b Mohammad Aamer
Yuvraj Singh
not out
HH Pandya
c Mohammad Hafeez b Mohammad Sami
MS Dhoni [C]
not out
RA Jadeja
R Ashwin
JJ Bumrah
A Nehra
Extras1 b, 3 lb, 8 w, 2 nb
Total (5 wickets, 15.3 OVERS)85 Runs
1 - 0 (RG Sharma, 0.2 Ov ), 2 - 2 (AM Rahane, 0.4 Ov ), 3 - 8 (SK Raina, 2.4 Ov ), 4 - 76 (V Kohli, 14.1 Ov ), 5 - 76 (HH Pandya, 14.3 Ov )
Pakistan Bowling
Mohammad Aamer401832-
Mohammad Sami40162-
Mohammad Irfan4016011
Wahab Riaz3.3031011

Post Match Presentation Interviews:

Afridi: "We should have read the pitch better. We didn't play accordingly. If your top batsmen are back in the hut inside the first 6 overs, then you won't score many runs. You need to give some time on this pitch. A good example is to see the way Kohli and Yuvraj batted. We have to address this issue. This was not a 160 wicket. We are capable of bouncing back from here on. If you bowl in the right areas, you will get wickets on this pitch."

Kohli: "It wasn't such an easy wicket to bat on. I wasn't too happy with myself with the way I batted in the last game. So I decided to dig in. I would like to compliment Mohammad Amir for his spell. I actually congratulated him while I was batting. I was so happy to play that kind of a spell. He's a world-class bowler. Hats off to the way he bowled and God bless him with more success. Counter-attacking is the game that I play, that's why I bat at No. 3. T20 cricket is just an extension of Test cricket for me. I don't try any fancy shots. I am glad that I could contribute to the team's win tonight. On these kind of wickets, it's very important to change your shot at the last moment. To a back of a length ball, if you look to punch you might get an edge, but at the same time if you just run it down to third man it's a good shot. You need to stay calm, stay relaxed and that is the best way to bat on this pitch."

Dhoni: "Initially we thought this would be good practice for the T20 WC, but the conditions here are very different. I think it's good for us. We are one team, who like to play aggressive cricket and I think the conditions here will push us. I thought Amir bowled really well for them. I am glad that we restricted them to 83. 110 would have been a good score. The middle overs were crucial for us. We picked wickets at regular intervals and that's what we did. I think the fast bowlers can have a big impact going forward in the tournament. We have each and every department covered. We have the bowling options to operate in these sort of conditions. We have a lot of variety and that is why we are sticking to this XI. Hardik (Pandya) or Jadeja can even bat at No. 8. Fielding is something that we love to put a lot of effort in and it is a crucial aspect of the game." 

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